Shatter: What You Need To Know

Concentrates have become some of the most popular products in the legal market—and for good reason. Concentrates feature exceptional terpene and cannabinoid content that makes them super potent and extraordinarily tasty. Shatter, sometimes called shatter wax, is one of these concentrates. 

What Is Shatter Wax?

shatter wax

Shatter is a cannabis extract known for its intense potency and flavor. It is a thin sheet of solidified oil that can range in color anywhere from translucent to dark amber. This concentrate gets its name from its extremely fragile consistency. Because it is so brittle, it tends to shatter into many little pieces when handled.

Not all shatter is equal. Some shatter extractions are of better quality than others. A good general guideline is the darker the shatter, the lower the quality. Darker shatter may contain fewer terpenes, fewer cannabinoids, and more contaminants. And if your shatter has a rich aroma and flavor, that’s a good sign that it’s loaded with terpenes and is of high quality.

How Is Shatter Made?

Shatter can be made using several different extraction methods, but it is most commonly made using butane hydrocarbon extraction

It is made using a closed-loop system where cannabis source material is placed into a tank before being blasted with liquid butane, stripping it of its trichomes, terpenes, and more. This mixture of solvent and concentrate is then heated for up to forty-eight hours to vaporize and remove as much of the butane solvent as possible—ideally all of it.

Of course, for health and safety reasons, the production of shatter is best left to experienced professionals who have the right equipment and who know what they’re doing.

shatter wax

What’s The Difference Between Shatter And Wax?

Wax is another popular cannabis concentrate that is commonly found in medicinal and recreational dispensaries. Since shatter is also sometimes called ‘shatter wax,’ it can be easy to confuse the two. 

There’s no difference between wax and shatter when it comes to the effects they produce and how long they last. But there are some other differences worth noting.

One difference between wax and shatter is that these two extracts have very different consistencies. Shatter is a smooth sheet of solidified oil, while wax is a solid and chunky concentrate that is creamy and buttery in texture. This means that wax is easier to handle as it can be more easily manipulated without the worry of it immediately breaking into pieces as shatter would.

Additionally, shatter tends to last longer because the molecules in its chemical structure are bound together more tightly. Wax also tends to degrade more quickly because it has a greater surface area than shatter.

shatter wax

How Do You Use Shatter?

Shatter is typically vaped out of a vaporizer or dabbed out of a dab rig as shatter wax dabs. Shatter wax dabs are known for their intense and delicious flavor and quick-effect onset. It can also be added on top of the ground cannabis in bowls and joints to give them a serious potency boost. Additionally, shatter can be used to bake edibles or can be melted into a more liquid form to be placed into gelatin capsules. 
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